Inkthreadable Review

Inkthreadable Review

In this review we will be looking at Inkthreadable ( – a UK dropshipping / print on demand company. The basis of this review is “real life” and based on over two years following the company and well over a hundred orders fulfilled.

What do Inkthreadable do?

Inkthreadable print their customers designs on to a wide range of products including t-shirts of course but also leggings, hoodies, vests and socks. Apart from clothing they also print on products as diverse as mugs, aprons, cushions and tote bags.

Once printed these products are shipped out directly to the consumers without any Inkthreadable branding (AKA dropshipping) – so think of them as silent partners handling the complete production and fulfilment of products. Arguably the most interesting thing about this model (known as “Print on Demand”) is that there is no minimum order quantity.

Inkthreadable’s customers are not the general public, they are the brands / companies that are selling to the public. It’s a bit like the traditional wholesale / retail relationship but in a modern twist there is no minimum order quantity.

Who are Inkthreadable?

Founded in 2011 and based in Blackburn, Inkthreadable is a VAT registered, Limited Company. You get the impression that being a growing business themselves they really understand the challenges that t-shirt entrepenuers face. They also care about the environment and I was really pleased to see them make the switch from plastic postage bags to (waterproof!) paper packaging

Products and print quality

In terms of t-shirts, some of the brands on offer are Gildan, Continental, Anvil, Bella Canvas, Stanley/Stella and Sol’s. This is of course a website all about t-shirts but I have to say the print quality on the mugs and water bottles is superb, plus some cushions I have done as gifts came out amazingly well and were very well received. Sorry, back to the t-shirts!, I just took a look at their t-shirts category page and there are 92 different styles on offer – that’s across mens, womens and kids and includes short-sleeve, long-sleeve, v-neck, rolled arms etc, but it doesn’t include all the colour variations. One t-shirt could have over 40 colour variations, and then of course there are the different sizes. I think this pretty much illustrates why “Print on Demand” is such a great model – for both business and environmental reasons.

Here are a couple of photos of inkthreadable t-shirts worn and washed multiple times.

Close up of t-shirt to demonstrate inkthreadable print quality
One colour design on Gildan Heavy cotton t-shirt
close up of Stanley Stella Creator t-shirt to show print quality
Multiple colour design on Stanley Stella Creator T-shirt

Service and community

One of the most appealing aspects of working with Inkthreadable is their focus on service and community. They maintain a Facebook group where entrepenuers discuss trends and business practice on topics including marketing, sales channels, product quality, new products, shipping times, how to handle returns and so on. Whenever I have contacted them (online chat or email) they have always given a fast response.

The Inkthreadable service in practice

As per the introduction to this review, this reviewer has made over one hundred orders to Inkthreadable, most of which have been processed via the Woocommerce and Shopify integrations. One important thing I want get accross is that things haven’t always been 100% smooth, but if things haven’t gone quite to plan, there has always been an effort to help. If the integration has been done properly and there are credits (i.e money deposited) at Inkthreadable the service is truly auto-pilot. You’ll get an email when the order has been made, an email to confirm payment and finally an email to notify when it’s been shipped. However there are few things to watch out for such as:

  • Did the colour / style go out of production (in which case it’s normally possible to find a similar match)
  • Did the customer put an accurate shipping address in.
  • Occassional delays in production at Inkthreadable. How much of a problem this is will also be down to how much you have promised to the customer. Many UK consumers see next day shipping as standard now, but with print on demand it will always take longer.
Export product from Inkthreadable
Showing the screen where you can export from Inkthreadable to your store